With the use of innovative tools and design practices, based on interscientific synergies among scientists and experts of diverse scientific fields, the Virtual Diver platform aims at the mass development and dissemination of onshore and offshore territory “hands-on” experiences.

Main objective is to reinforce special forms of tourism, such as cruise tourism, scuba diving tourism, scientific tourism and others. The platform features three subsystems: the subsystem for the management of geospatial backgrounds, the subsystem for the creation of points of interest, as well as the subsystem for the development of storytelling scenarios to achieve interactive experiences. It will apply digital bathymetric data, imprints of the seafloor relief from remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), as well as topographic data of aerial- and ground based photogrammetry from unmanned helicopters (drones), in order to compose 3D digital visuals of specific territories of tourist/environmental interest, in high resolution.

The Virtual Diver platform design team will utilize the aforementioned technologies and the possibilities they offer for the implementation of interactive experiences, using Virtual Reality (VR) και Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, through a series of specially designed tools of multimedia content management.

Overview of Virtual Diver platform