VIRTUALDiver aims at mass development and dissemination of "experiential" activities in coastal and submarine environments through the creation of a Comprehensive Digital Interaction Platform, to be developed by TETRAGON and Steficon, the two companies that own significant experience in the field. The project output differentiates from the products created by competition, internationally, focusing on underwater environment and innovative technologies for single coastal capture and mainly in the marine space, enhancing experiences through the geological interpretation of the volcanic engraved by the research team of NKUA in collaboration with up2metric.


The Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment leading this research project, is a part of the School of Sciences of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. It is the oldest Faculty in the country where aspects of earth sciences have been taught and at present, it is also the biggest. Today, the Faculty comprises six departments covering a broad range of earth science subjects, aiming to prepare students for careers in environmental science, natural hazard assessment and mitigation, geotechnical engineering, exploration and exploitation of mineral and energy resources etc., and promote geoscientific research leading to academic careers in universities, research institutes and museums.

  • Dr Evi Nomikou, Assistant Professor, Project Leader
  • Dr Konstantinos Karantzalos, Associate Professor
  • Dr Varvara Antoniou, Educational Research Staff
  • Konstantina Bejelou, PhD Student
  • Ana Dura, PhD Student

website: http://www.geol.uoa.gr/
email: mailto:evinom@geol.uoa.gr


up2metric P.C. is an SME that develops innovative custom software solutions and provides consulting engineering services in the fields of Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Machine Learning, Remote Sensing and Metrology. As a service provider specializes in data capture from multiple terrestrial, airborne or satellite sensors (RGB, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral, depth), data processing and analysis of extracted information. One of the company’s main goals is to transfer state of the art knowledge from academia to the market.

  • Christos Stentoumis, Senior Researcher
  • El Saer Andreas, Principal Engineer
  • Dr Ilias Kalisperakis, Senior Researcher
  • Pavlos Bakagiannis, Senior Architectural Engineer
  • Panagiota Stamatopoulou, Junior Developer
  • Anisa Kouka, Junior Engineer
  • Dr Kate Plessa, Senior Geologist Consultant
  • Othonas Vlasopoulos, Diver - ROV pilot

website: http://www.up2metric.com
email: info@up2metric.com


TETRAGON S.A. specializes in a broad spectrum of sectors, such as innovative product research and development, digital and interactive applications, audiovisual productions, methodologies, services and technologies for the documentation, showcasing and promotion of cultural heritage, contemporary civilization and tourist product. In addition, a major part of the company’s activities focuses on consulting, design and construction of cultural spaces, museums and environmental infrastructure. For the following years, TETRAGON S.A. has taken over the implementation of several research projects, in collaboration with Greek research centers and universities, as well as other privately held companies.

  • Ilias Papadopoulos, Architect
  • George Pehlivanides, Lead Interaction Designer
  • Kostis Monastiridis, Software Developer
  • Alexandros Tourtas, Maritime Archeologist - Postdoc Researcher
  • Giorgos Katopodis, Scientific Advisor
  • Iraklis Kalogeropoulos, Architect - Museologist
  • Elli Kariati, Architect

website: https://tetragon.gr/en/home/
email: info@tetragon.gr


Steficon S.A. is a 360 global full-service digital agency, that can manage brands in the evolving internet cosmos. Under the same roof, a team of long-lasting professionals with fusion skills such as Creative thinking and design, Digital and performance marketing, Development of high-end ICT web and mobile applications, and Video production are hosted.

  • Dr. Michael Sarantinos, Computer Scientist
  • Maria Douza, Director
  • Alexandros Arapantonis, 3D Modeling

website: http://www.steficon.gr
email: info@steficon.gr